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Welcome to Room 5!






a note from your teacher


third grade


                                                                                October 2019



Welcome to our third grade page everyone!  All our scholars are working hard at doing their best everyday. How? By believing in ourselves and taking charge of our learning. We are making progress everyday in our academic and social growing. Parents, help us with reading everyday and practicing the times tables. It is fundamental to a successful year. 


Some of the websites that we are using are:






Please have your child go on these websites.


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  1. I can learn anything because I was born to learn.
  2. I can train my brain through practice.
  3. I can choose my thoughts when things are challenging.
  4. I know failure is an important part of my success.
  5. I take ownership of my mistakes and learn from them.
  6. I do not let setbacks keep me from accomplishing goals.
  7. I believe that I can do difficult things.
  8. I take charge of my own learning.
  9. I encourage others to have a growth mindset.
  10. I celebrate my own growth and progress.