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SAS–School for Advanced Studies

The School for Advanced Studies at Germain Charter Academy for Academic Achievement was established in 1998 to address the needs of neighborhood students that were identified or showed potential as being gifted or high achieving learners. School for Advanced Studies (SAS) classes consist of students in kinder through fifth grade. All teachers have adequate training to assist them in referring students to the SAS program. Parents can also fill out an application to request the SAS program during March of every year.

Germain SAS provides accelerated curriculum taught using novel and engaging strategies. Students are guided through their studies using the elements of depth and complexity. All SAS teachers are trained in gifted education and fulfill more than the required hours to maintain LAUSD's GATE status. Our teachers incorporate the use of technology in the classroom and in the computer lab, provide opportunities for students to work independently, and differentiate instruction through the use of, among other strategies, tiered assignments and compacted curriculum.

For more information about Schools for Advanced Studies, GATE identification, or gifted education, please visit the following website: