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Interested in joining the PTA Board? 
Please fill out this form and return to your student’s teacher.  Someone from the PTA will get in touch to answer any questions you may have.  (Returning this form does NOT sign you up for the board, feel free to just ask questions!)
Name _____________________________________________________ Student Grade(s)_______________________
Phone Number:__________________________ Email:____________________________________________________
Position interested in:  Membership Chairperson         Ways and Means Coordinator              
Room Parent Coordinator         Parliamentarian         PTA Member
      PTA Board Members Needed!
We are currently in need of the following positions on the board of the PTA however, we're always accepting general PTA members altogether! The more the merrier!
Membership Chairperson  (Team Cheerleader)
The heart of our PTA is the members & you will be the face of our membership. If you enjoy meeting new families and helping grow our membership then this is the job for you. You will be responsible for keeping our membership directory up to date while working with the big-wigs at CO PTA. 

Ways and Means Coordinator (The Money Maker)
Are you great at going out into the community and making friends with your neighbors? Do you love making money? As the Ways and Means Coordinator this is exactly what you do. There are a ton of businesses and local community members that love to donate to schools or hold school fundraisers and we need your help finding them. So if you think you have it in you to be a great Ways and Means Coordinator we would love to have you on board.
 Parliamentarian (Expert Consultant)
If you love giving advice and are an expert on abiding by the rules, then consider being the next Parliamentarian. You will be responsible for ensuring the PTA bylaws are up to date and that all the board are familiar with these laws. 
                                                           Room Parent Coordinator (The Voice)                                                     Having a strong connection between the PTA, teachers and parents is the key to a successful school. If you are quick with the computer and love sending out emails, consider becoming the next Room Parent Coordinator. As a Room Parent Coordinator you will be the liaison between the PTA and the classroom. You can make the difference!