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Patriotic Songs

Every morning we will be reciting the pledge of allegiance and singing a patriotic song that correlates with our school-wide music program.
If you would like to listen at home, here are songs by month:
August/ September: Yankee Doodle
October: America the Beautiful
November: This Land is Your Land
December: America (My Country Tis of Thee)
January/February: There are Many Flags in Many Lands
March/ April: Star Spangled Banner
May/ June: You're a Grand Old Flag
California History/Social Science Standards addressed through this activity:
K. 2 Students recognize national and state symbols and icons such as the national and state flags, the bald eagle, and the Statue of Liberty.
1.3 Students know and understand the symbols, icons, and traditions of the United States that provide continuity and a sense of community across time.
            1. Recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing songs that express American ideals (e.g.,                “My Country ’Tis of Thee”).
            3. Identify American symbols, landmarks, and essential documents, such as the flag,               bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, and             know the people and events associated with them.
2.2 Students demonstrate map skills by describing the absolute and relative locations of people, places, and environments.
2.3 Students explain governmental institutions and practices in the United States and other countries.