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Class Updates

Scootpad Update: I am using Scootpad for homework since it is adaptive to your child's level and allows me to individualize their assignments to meet their needs.  They are assigned a learning path which includes a few concepts that we are working on in class.  Once they have answered enough questions correctly, they are assigned a mastery check.  At this time, they must wait 2 days to take the mastery check.  This is to ensure that they have actually retained what they learned.  As your child gets closer to mastery in a learning path, they may only need to answer 1 or 2 questions correctly before a mastery check will be triggered again.  To get around the issue of being locked out of your adaptive practice for 2 days, I am creating additional practice questions that can be done if you need to get your 20 questions.  They will be labeled "homework" followed by the concepts.  For example, if the concepts are subtraction and multiplication it will say "Homework- subtraction and multiplication".  These are to be used on the nights that your child is waiting for mastery check.  I will assign new homework practice when I see they have completed the current assignments.  This is not in addition to the adaptive practice, it is only there so that your child can complete their 20 questions while waiting for mastery check.  It has a due date listed, but submissions are allowed at any time.  Again, they only need to be completed if your child is waiting for a mastery check, it is not in addition to the adaptive practice. I hope this helps ensure that everyone can complete their 20 questions per night of ELA, math, and fact fluency.   Using this type of program can do so much more than paper homework.  It gives me data on how they are doing, it has lessons embedded into the questions if they get stuck, and I can give each student their own assignment according to their current level.  I know this is new to many of you and I appreciate your patience and dedication to your child's academic career.  As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions, I am happy to help! 
10/1/18- Happy October! Please be sure to return your permission slip for the field trip 10/17.
9/12/18- Book orders went home today! Our class code is PH4Y4.  If you order online, please be sure to enter our class code.  I get points for each order and can use those points to purchase books and materials for our class.  Everyone loves cool stuff, so please help us out! Thank you!